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Understanding Exit Loops for Gates

While you’re figuring out how you would like your automatic gate to function, it can be difficult to figure out how you would like to exit through your gate. Some may go with a gate transmitter which works similarly to a garage door opener, or they may choose vehicular probe that can be buried in… Continue Reading

Barrier Arm Gate Safety Tips

When you purchase a barrier arm, the manufacturer will provide you with safety information. After that point the responsibility is your job to stick to all the proper standards and procedures. We strongly encourage you to read through and get to know the provided literature before you actually go and operate this dangerous machinery. However,… Continue Reading

Heated Photo Eyes are a Game Changer

In the winter, it is common to run into issues with your automatic gate failing to open, close or just move in general. Even when the weather heats up a little, it can be just enough for pesky frost to form on the safety device. You can try to protect your photo eye with a… Continue Reading

Sioux City is American Fence Company’s Newest Addition

Over 50 years ago, two men in Omaha, Nebraska set out with just a pickup truck, a wheelbarrow and a pair of post hole diggers and they created American Fence Company. The company then grew and expanded in its market. We made the bold move to negotiate for truckloads of quantities of material, thus letting… Continue Reading

How to Replace your Automatic Gate Operator

If you’ve had your automatic gate for a while, you may start to question when it’s time to update your gate operator. It’s important that you keep your gate operator up to date so you’re not using an operator that is old or unsafe. Even after you decide it’s time to replace your operators, it’s… Continue Reading

How to Inspect the Brakes on your Gate Operator

Hold the brakes! Checking your brakes on your gate access control system is important for your safety and the safety of those around the system. For safe and secure operation, brakes are another device that need to be checked on heavy gates that get driven or walked through on a daily basis. The question is,… Continue Reading

The Forgotten Step in Seasonal Gate Inspection: Welds

It is important to inspect your automated and manual gates for each winter as to avoid making emergency repairs in ice and snow. When a piece of equipment doesn’t go through regular maintenance and is outside in the elements year-round, several problems can appear. Your seasonal gate inspection should include doing a visual exam of… Continue Reading

How to Align your Photo Eyes

Questions and problems often arise in the winter when everything freezes, and then thaws back out. Your gate may no longer open and close as it is supposed to. The safety device that is often behind these issues are the photo eyes. Whether it is a thru beam photo eye or a reflective photo eye,… Continue Reading

Taking Care of Your Automatic Gate in Snow and Ice

When the ice and snow fall, it’s common to be concerned about a lot of things. How the commute to work will be, if there will be time to clean the sidewalks and driveway off, and of course trying not to fall down. One thought that can often go forgotten is our gates. Snow and… Continue Reading

How to Prevent Frost Build-up on Your Photo Eyes

For most of the United States it’s that time of year when the trees shed their leaves and residents have to scrape frost off their cars every morning. That’s right, we’re transitioning from fall to winter. This is the time of the year when Jack Frost visits and our gates may not want to open… Continue Reading